Atkins Diet Food

Written by Kevin Little
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Atkins Diet food is not what you'd typically expect from a "diet," and as such represents a sea change in dietary theory. It turns out that many of those low fat diets that were popular so recently didn't actually do their jobs. Since the low fat diets were very rich in carbohydrates, many dieters actually wound up putting on pounds or dealing with difficult cravings instead of losing weight.

These results are due to the fact that low fat, high carb diets do nothing to regulate the amount of sugar and insulin in the system, thus leading to "empty cravings," hunger when no food is actually needed. Dr Atkins structured his diet to keep the levels of insulin stable, using low sugar and low carb foods to implement this process. With Atkins Diet foods, you can find yourself both thinner and less hungry!

Atkins Diet Foods: Variety Is the Key

Of course, you'll need access to a variety of foods that are both low in carbs and high in taste to successfully stick with the diet. Such foods are available, some even specifically tailored to the Atkins Diet itself. While you might find yourself stymied when seeking out such foods at the supermarket, there are online heath food stores that provide a wide variety of such foods.

Even foods like pasta, ketchup and chips are available in a format that can fit into your diet, branded with the Atkins name to boot. Other alternatives, such as breakfast bars and even breads, are also available. Look for a store with a wide selection of such foods--it will make your dieting all the easier.

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