Baja Bobs

Written by Kevin Little
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Baja Bob's inventions help you make sure your diet stays fun! It seems that our friend Bob had a brainstorm when sitting around with his compatriots in Mexico. Bob and his friends were embarking on low carb diets, and they just couldn't see how their prized margaritas would fit into the mix.

After gutting it out with plain old tequila for a while, Bob cam up with a plan. Why not make mixers that allow the low carb dieter to stay on track while living life to the fullest? So was Baja Bob's Margarita Mix born, to the exultations of low carb dieters everywhere.

Even More Baja Bob's Concoctions!

But Bob didn't stop there. He went on to make mixers for a variety of different delights, including Bloody Marys and Pina Coladas. He even expanded the scope of his original idea, dreaming up his special version of Strawberry Margarita Mix.

Bob's creations let the dieter live it up without the worry of all that sugar normally found in mixers. His mixers are just another of the ever-widening range of products that make dieting easier and more enjoyable. Heck, after a taste of Bob's stuff, you may not even remember you're on a diet!

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