Calorie Restrictions

Written by Amy Hall
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Calorie restrictions are often necessary for weight loss, but it is important that the amount of calories are sufficient for a person to function. Many people who begin weight loss programs believe that the best way to drop the pounds is to drastically cut back on calories. While this may help initially, it can backfire rather quickly.

Severe calorie restrictions cause the metabolism to slow down dramatically, which actually makes people gain weight. What happens is that your body goes into starvation mode, and it holds onto fat stores for energy. This frustrates many people because after awhile, they are unable to continue dropping excess weight.

Be Smart about Calorie Restrictions

While it may be tempting to implement calorie restrictions that will yield quick results, it is not the best choice for long-term weight loss. Your body simply cannot function if you restrict your calories too much. The best approach to permanent weight loss is to cut back somewhat on calories, while eating healthy foods that provide you with the vitamins and minerals you need.

It is also important to implement other lifestyle changes that will make weight loss a permanent part of your life. You should consult your doctor about beginning an exercise program that gets you moving 3-5 days per week. Exercise also combats stress which can raise your weight as well as your blood pressure. Finally, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep each night.

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