Diet Soups

Written by Amy Hall
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Diet soups can be good for you under certain conditions. First, if the soups you are eating have low sodium, low sugar content, and minimal to no preservatives, they can be helpful. In fact, many studies have suggested that dieters who eat a cup of soup before a meal are less likely to overeat.

However, this means that you cannot consume a cup or two of a cream-based soup like clam chowder or lobster bisque and think this counts. Diet soups that are broth based tend to be the best choices. Or you can opt for soups such as all-natural tomato soup or gazpacho, which is made with fresh vegetables. These soups are high in vitamins and minerals, as well as anti-oxidants, which are vital to good health.

Diet Soups Can Help You Lose Weight

Many people pair diet soups with grilled chicken salad to form a perfect meal. You get your protein from the chicken, as well as your complex carbs from the soup and the salad. Keep in mind that iceberg lettuce does not count, as it offers little nutritional value. Opt instead for field greens or even spinach salad that contain lots of fiber and vitamins.

Low carb foods are all the rage right now. Be smart about how you eat and instead focus on eating healthy foods that will fill you up and provide the nutrients you need to thrive. Ask you doctor or a certified nutritionist for advice about beginning a weight loss program, as they should be able to point you safely in the right direction.

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