Dr Atkins

Written by Kevin Little
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Dr Atkins has come up with a diet program you just may have heard of by now. The Atkins Diet has been sweeping the nation as people look for a simple, effective way to lose weight. Of course, as with anything so popular, many misconceptions have arisen regarding the method created by Dr Atkins.

The Atkins plan is based around a biological process known as ketosis. Ketosis occurs when the body's levels of carbohydrates become low enough that the system begins to burn fat instead for the energy we need. While some have argued that this process is potentially harmful, such a theory simply does not hold up in the face of the latest medical research. This internal process has actually been proven to be an effective, healthy treatment for both obesity and diabetes.

Dr Atkins: Dietary Principles

The process espoused by this diet has been proven safe by means of a number of studies. One month-long study, for example, found absolutely no side effects whatsoever from the use of the diet. Further studies have shown participants to have healthy hearts, livers and bones while on the diet.

As you can imagine, ketosis is enabled by eating low carb foods, thus giving the body the opportunity to burn fat. As the medical community has come around to this idea, so have many satisfied dieters, who have found weight loss in abundance thanks to the diet. It pays to do research when looking for a diet, so make sure you know the correct facts before you choose.

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