Written by Kevin Little
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Judy's line of products just might convince you that your candy days are not necessarily over once you go on a low carb diet. Most of the various plans will tell you to stay away from candy if you hope to succeed. But what about candy that is based on the same principle of your diet?

Yes, such a candy is actually available. Low in carbs yet still very tasty, these candies can definitely spruce up your snack life. Just thank Judy when you unwrap a piece.

Judy's Candies as a Snack Alternative

It seems unbelievable that candy could fit in with a diet. But what about candy that isn't made with high carb products, that, in fact, works like the other foods that you eat on your diet? The good folks at Judy's have come up with a formula that makes just such a candy possible.

These candies are now available to anyone with an internet connection. A good place to look for great caramel and peanut brittle snacks courtesy of Judy will likely list other great low carb alternatives.

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