Latortilla Factory

Written by Kevin Little
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The Latortilla Factory can help you deal with those Mexican food desires--by eating Mexican food! Mexican and Tex-Mex meals are notoriously high in carbs, due mostly to the tortillas that seem to accompany every meal. With these new tortillas, you can scald your taste buds the Mexican way without concern for carb content.

The Latortilla Factory makes tortillas in whole wheat and green onion varieties to complement all of your Mexican-inspired cuisine. Tacos, burritos, and enchiladas are all fair game once more. All you have to worry about is what you put in your new tortillas!

Latortilla Factory Products as Part of the Low Carb Lifestyle

Products low in carbs do not stop with tortillas. In the morning, as you look forward to a great Tex-Mex meal, why not munch on a low carb muffin? Or maybe you'd like a sandwich in a diet-friendly roll for lunch as you plan out your evening?

And when dinner time arrives, don't hold back. Your meal can be complemented by a lovely beverage with low sugar Margarita Mix. If this sounds like a dieters' paradise, you want to look into the full range of new foods for those on carb-restricted diets.

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