Low Carb

Written by Kevin Little
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The low carb craze if officially here. Featured in a number of diets and diet foods, this new theory of weight loss has garnered quite a following. However, do some research before you write it off as just the latest fad--you may be surprised by what doctors and scientists have to say.

Popular diets such as the South Beach and Atkins diets work by reorganizing the body's method of taking energy from the foods we eat. Biology tells us that carbs are used first by the body to keep us going, and fats used after the carbs are gone. However, ingest too many carbs, and you may never get to the fats, and it all winds up in an inner tube around your middle.

Low Carb Theories in Practice

Low carb diets work by cutting out unnecessary carbs and allowing the body to burn fat instead. Fewer carbs also have the advantage of stabilizing your body's production of insulin, thus preventing superfluous cravings that might spring up as a result of fluctuating sugar levels. Lest you worry, this process has been proven safe enough to be an effective treatment for diabetes as well as an effective way to lose weight.

To get the right results, you will need to eat the right foods. One convenient way to find a diverse range of foods that fit your new diet is to look online. There are sites that specialize in foods for the diet you've chosen, giving you an opportunity to vary your meals and snacks while you shed the pounds.

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