Low Carb Candies

Written by Liza Hartung
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Upon first discovering low carb candies, I was ecstatic. I thought my prayers had been answered. Was it true? Could I now indulge my sweet tooth and not have as much guilt on my mind and fat on my thighs? Well, sort of. Some people hear that they can have low carb candy and they go out and buy double the amount. No, low carb does not mean you can eat as much as you want while you are watching your carbs and your health.

Some people turn low carb candies into an addiction. Wherever they see the words "low carb" and "chocolate," there's no turning back. You still have to keep in mind the calories that are involved. Many people will notice that the low carb versions have fewer calories. Thus, they will eat twice the number that they usually would. This results in eating the same amount, or even more, of calories and carbs. Plus, your body has to do more work to digest all that unhealthy food.

Using Low Carb Candies to Satisfy

I don't mean to say only bad things about low carb candies. I just want to get the warnings out of the way. Low carb sweets can be a wonderful way to satisfy a little sweet tooth craving without the guilt. As with everything, if you consume in moderation, you are okay. Do not use these sweets to replace a healthy, well-balanced meal. I know some people who will, every once in a while, omit the carb section of their meal completely so that they can enjoy a little low carb sweet afterward.

I particularly like low carb sweet snacks in the movies. It's easy to get your popcorn and candy, and chow down without even noticing how much you just ate. There's something about the saltiness of popcorn with the sweetness of chocolate that is perfect for movie watching. If you feel the same way, you might want to pick up some low carb sweets before you hit the theater. Just tuck them in your pocket or purse and enjoy.

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