Low Carb Cereal

Written by Liza Hartung
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For people who are watching their carbs and need a quick and easy breakfast option, low carb cereals are a great choice. You might want to pick up a cereal that contains a bit of protein like almonds. This will help keep you balanced until lunch. Plus, you know that at least the almonds have not been altered to fit the low carb status.

A lot of cereals have so many carbs because of their high sugar content. When you are cutting back on your carbs, you definitely want to stay away from sugary cereals. If you need your cereal to be sweet, add some fruit or use vanilla soymilk. A great combination to look for in a cereal is one that offers low carbs and high protein. This is the best thing for your body. Ladies, liken it to a good cut and color. What's the color worth without a good cut to show it off?

Buying Low Carb Cereal

I think the best low carb cereal is one that is also organic. It's harder to find these at regular grocery stores, but places like Wild Oats and Whole Foods will have them. Here's why you should look for organic: all the chemicals that are used on non-organic foods tend to add puffiness to the face and body. About four weeks after I started primarily eating organic foods, I noticed that my face had thinned out a little. Even after I lost an initial few pounds, my weight maintained, but my body and face continued to become less puffy. People kept asking me if I lost weight, but I hadn't.

With low carb cereals, it's just a matter of trial and error. I have had some that are disgusting. I couldn't take more than a bite or two. Even though you are eating healthy, you should be able to enjoy your food. Eating should not be a chore that you dread. A diet should not be something awful that you are doing temporarily until you lose weight and can eat again. Find healthy foods that you love, and it will be easy to embrace a low carb lifestyle.

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