Low Carb Desserts

Written by Liza Hartung
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Low carb desserts appear to be heaven-sent when you've got an insatiable sweet tooth. Even though it may seem okay to dig right in to some low carb ice cream, make sure you stay within your portion range. Just because it's labeled low carb, doesn't mean you can go to town. Be smart about your dessert choices. Even if it says low carb, eating a quart of double fudge chocolate mocha ice cream isn't going to do anything positive for your diet or your self-esteem.

For those who like a little after dinner sweet snack, low carb desserts are a blessing. You get the same great taste, but with less carbs. You may have to try out a few brands before you find the ones you like. Some will taste like they are lacking carbohydrates. You also have the option of making your own desserts. There are many delicious dessert recipes to be found in magazines, cookbooks, and online.

Did you ever think you could find a low carb cheesecake that tasted like you should feel guilty? Well, your dreams have come true. You can either make your own or buy one. In fact, many restaurants are now offering low carb desserts on their menus. Even for the extremely health conscious, there is always a craving now and again for desserts. For such cases, several frozen entree brands now carry desserts that are low in carbs. Keep one or two in your freezer for special occasions.

Low Carb Desserts for Sweet Eaters

The entire nation is getting savvy to low carbohydrate desserts. Now, if you are watching what you eat, I don't suggest you stop and have breakfast at some truck stop diner. They probably don't care about your carb needs - or lack thereof. For a truly tasty treat without all the carbs, your best bet is to make your own or buy from a grocery store. Restaurants may tell you it's low carb, but they could easily bump up the fat to make it more appetizing.

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