Low Carb Dieting

Written by Amy Hall
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Low carb dieting has been making the headlines in recent years, especially with so many celebrities singing the praises of the Atkins Diet and the Zone Diet. It's virtually impossible to get through a day without reading about low carb diets, or hearing about low carb diet plans on television. You'd even be hard-pressed to walk through a grocery store and not see at least a hundred products claiming to be of low carb content.

Is all the hype based on fact? Well, the answer to this question is not a simple black and white answer. The truth is that low carb dieting can help you lose weight initially, and this weight loss can be rather rapid. This is often due to water loss though, and some experts believe muscle loss is also to be given credit here. However, you really don't want to lose your lean muscle mass when you are trying to lose weight, but rather your fat stores.

Is Low Carb Dieting Worth It?

Most medical professionals agree that low carb dieting can be okay for a short period of time, but it can be harmful if practiced long-term. The body needs the vitamins, minerals and fiber it gets only from complex carbohydrates, which is why it can be damaging to omit carbs from the diet. Foods such as fresh fruits and veggies, legumes, brown rice, and whole grain oats are all perfect sources of fiber, antioxidants, and essential vitamins and minerals that the human body needs to function.

Furthermore, diets that contain only protein and fats can succumb to certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, and kidney and liver problems. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water. Being fit requires a total commitment to healthy living, because there is no quick fix.

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