Meal Replacement Energy Bars

Written by Liza Hartung
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When it comes to meal replacement energy bars, you could get lost in all the companies out there that produce them. There are bars for all sorts of diets and needs. There are low carb bars, low fat bars, sugar free bars, high protein bars, and bars for people doing heavy weight training. Don't just grab a bar because the flavor sounds good. You've got to make sure you are getting the bar that is right for your diet.

Don't worry, if you see a chocolate fudge peanut butter bar for people building muscle and you are only five foot five weighing in at 115 pounds, you can find a similar flavor in a bar that is more suited to you. For a while, I really liked Luna bars. They are perfect snacks. They aren't big enough to be meal replacement energy bars, but they got me through some very long college days.

Meal Replacement Energy Bars for Sustained Energy

Yes, it may seem redundant to say, "meal replacement energy bars for sustained energy," but it is less redundant than you know. Some bars are full of sugar. Therefore, you will get a short burst of energy and then crash, wishing you had your bed and a teddy bear. However, other bars have some good carbs mixed with protein to help you sail along until your next meal.

If you are on a specific diet, see if it recommends any particular bars. If not, make sure the bars you get fit the requirements of your diet. These bars can be perfect. They help you with good energy and come in some very dessert-indulgent flavors. The only thing you have to be careful of is that you don't eat too many!

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