Net Carbs Fiber

Written by Liza Hartung
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When calculating net carbs, fiber doesn't count. This is great news for some people. Let's say you're eating a sandwich and you have to stay within a certain number of carb grams for it to be okay to eat. Let's say you look at the total number of carb grams and it's five more than you are allowed. That's so disappointing, isn't it? Wait, though, look at the fiber grams. Four per slice of bread did you say? Ah, that turns into eight total grams (two slices of bread) which brings your net carb count down by eight. You can eat your sandwich!

Net Carbs, Fiber Out

When you are working on a low carbohydrate diet, you will need to be able to calculate the net carbs. These carbs have an actual effect on your blood sugar level. There are other carbs, such as carbs from fiber and sugar alcohols, that don't have any effect on your blood sugar level. However, the carbs with no effect are still counted in the total number of carbs on the nutritional label.

This means that when you are figuring out how many carbs you are consuming that will affect your body, you need to subtract the fiber grams and the sugar alcohol grams. Low carbohydrate diets are concerned with net carbs, fiber, and sugar alcohols. Depending on what diet you are partaking in and what stage of the diet you are at, your net carb requirement will vary.

When calculating net carbs, fiber grams can make a huge difference depending on what you are eating. Fiber is very healthy for your body. It assists greatly in digestion. Hopefully, knowing that fiber grams don't count, you will start looking for foods with high amounts of fiber. Your body will thank you.

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