South Beach Desserts

Written by Liza Hartung
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South Beach desserts are very similar to Atkins desserts. Atkins presses more for low carb, while South Beach goes for the good carbs. In both, you will find dessert ingredients consisting of sugar substitutes, unsweetened cocoa powder, and vanilla extract. They differ because Atkins calls for sugar free chocolate and South Beach allows a little of regular chocolate.

South Beach desserts try to use as many natural products as possible. Whereas, Atkins uses all means necessary to make desserts comparable to regular cakes, cookies, sundaes, and pies. For instance, there are a few desserts listed on the South Beach diet menus that use ricotta cheese as the main ingredient. It is then sweetened with ingredients such as vanilla extract, espresso powder, mini chocolate chips and a bit of sugar substitute.

Natural South Beach Desserts

One of the desserts you will see on the phase two menu is chocolate-dipped strawberries. You don't get instructed to use sugar free chocolate like you do on Atkins. It seems that Atkins is more concerned with weight loss while South Beach is concerned with weight loss and health. There have been recent studies that show major health risks associated with sugar substitutes of all kinds.

Another of the South Beach desserts is strawberries with yogurt. They are both natural foods. It's even better if you purchase organic ingredients. The South Beach diet does not specify this, but from my own experience and everything I have read, you're better off with organic. You keep unhealthy pesticides and preservatives out of your body. This causes you to slowly appear slimmer because the unnatural chemicals aren't causing you to appear puffy anymore.

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