South Beach Diet

Written by Kevin Little
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The South Beach Diet seems to be ever-present in today's culture. This diet is featured in magazines, news reports, and water cooler conversation. With so many people looking for simple and healthy ways to lose weight, it's no wonder.

Conceived by Dr. James Agatston, this diet takes its lessons from the eating habits of the locals in South Beach. As it turns out, this trendy locale is the home of numerous excellent ideas for the prospective dieter. By distilling this information into an easy-to-digest format, Dr. Agatston made his research and ideas readily available to dieters throughout the country.

Learning More about the South Beach Diet

The diet is full of great eating ideas constructed around low carb foods. These foods are also intended to maintain general heath in addition to trimming the waist line. In fact, the diet was one that Dr. Agatston originally designed for patients suffering from heart disease, a good indication of its nutritional value.

Although the South Beach Diet does not fall into a specifically low carb or low fat category, many low carb diet foods are an essential part of the plan. The theory behind the diet revolves around finding the right carbs and the right fats in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Getting rid of those pesky cravings caused by high carb, high sugar foods is the first step.

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