South Beach Diet Food List

Written by Kevin Little
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The South Beach Diet food list does necessarily meet the expectations of the average dieter--and that's a good thing! Most diet foods are enough to make one choose never to eat again instead of dieting. But the South Beach Diet is thankfully different in this regard, making dieting a much more enjoyable experience than you might be accustomed to.

How does a dinner of salmon stuffed with spinach side-by-side with salad and vegetables drizzled in olive oil sound? And don't forget dessert--strawberries covered in chocolate! If this sounds more like a meal in a fancy restaurant than a weeknight diet meal, then just think of how easy a diet like this would be to stick with!

Components of the South Beach Diet Food List

The menus for this diet are populated with foods that contain the proper nutrients and aid in keeping the pounds off. By initially cutting excess carbs and sugars out of your diet, you can train your body not to crave such calorie rich alternatives. Yet there are still lots of great foods to put on your shopping list.

The South Beach Diet food list can be combined and supplemented by other low carb diet foods to ensure both health and variety. As this diet is designed to morph into a ongoing lifestyle, it helps to have delicious, healthy food options plentifully available. Once you know what kinds of foods are best to eat, you can shop away with impunity!

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