South Beach Diet Foods

Written by Kevin Little
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South Beach Diet foods are not what you might expect from your standard diet plan. Most diets conjure depressing images of rice cakes and cottage cheese, with perhaps a slice of grapefruit of you're lucky. However, with a little research you'll find that diets don't have to be boring to be good.

The South Beach Diet is committed to finding the right fats and the right carbs to ensure weight loss as well as continued health. Yes, you'll have to cut some foods from your diet--donuts are not included. But a number of other exceptionally tasty foods are still fair game, which can help the dieter feel less deprived and more motivated.

South Beach Diet Foods in Three Steps

This diet is undertaken in three distinct phases, each with a specific purpose in mind. The first phase is designed to cut carb and sugar cravings, which means that many of the high carb foods that you and your belly are used to go out the window. This is where succulent low carb diet foods can be incredibly beneficial and satisfying.

South Beach Diet foods are not meant to sap your will to live. Delicious foods like a mahi mahi, Caesar salad, and lemon zest creme dessert are part of even phase one of the diet. These recommended foods, mixed and matched with other quality low carb offerings, pave the way to a slimmer and happier profile.

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