South Beach Diet Review

Written by Kevin Little
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Any South Beach Diet review would not be complete without an examination of the health consequences of the diet. In fact, the issue of health is one of the strong points of the diet. Dr. Arthur Agatston, founder of the South Beach Diet, has come up with a weight loss plan that actually promotes healthy living as well.

Dr. Agatston did not conceive this diet as a means of losing weight. He recommended it initially to patients of his who were suffering from heart disease as a means of regulating their insulin and cholesterol levels. His patients responded both by living healthier and cutting off excess pounds, results which led Dr. Agatstson to re-envision this diet as one for those who might be looking to fit more easily into their old blue jeans.

The South Beach Diet Review in the Press

This diet has received positive notices from a number of different sources, including Newsweek, USA Today and Women's World. WebMD has also posted encouraging feedback about the diet. And we haven't even gotten to the dieters yet!

The ultimate question asked by any South Beach Diet review is, "Does it work?" Thus far, the answer is a resounding "yes." Participants have reported an average weight loss of over ten pounds after just the first phase alone!

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