Sugar Free

Written by Kevin Little
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Sugar free foods are a great addition to a low carb diet. Once you know more about the way a low carb diet works, it will be easy to see why foods low in sugar are so essential. As it turns out, it's a simple matter of biology.

Sugars are among those foods that are absorbed very quickly into the system. While this can be beneficial if you're burning the calories you're ingesting immediately, it's a different matter entirely if you're sitting on the couch with a bag of chewy peach rings. This can lead to sugar spikes, which lead, paradoxically, to more hunger.

Sugar Free Foods in Your Diet

These sugar spikes lead to an increase of the body's production of insulin, which then leads to a sharp drop. At this point, the body thinks it needs more calories for energy, which it in fact does not. You can see how weight can quickly result.

By incorporating sugar free foods into your diet, you can cut your carb consumption and put an end to those useless cravings. A lot of high sugar foods are now being made in low sugar forms for compatibility with other low carb diet foods. A little web searching can lead to a wealth of such foods.

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