Sugar Free Cake

Written by Liza Hartung
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Sugar free cake can be a blessing for many reasons. The most obvious is that you get to have your cake and eat it too! Meaning, if you get those cake cravings, but you're not up for a bout of guilt, go ahead and grab a slice of the sugar free variety. You can find sugar free cakes in grocery stores and health food stores. In addition, Atkins has some great sugar free mixes so you can make your own cakes.

Sugar Free Cake for Celebrations

There are plenty of people who have given up sugar for one reason or another. I mean, given it up totally. I have personally given up desserts for the past year and a half and counting. However, there are some occasions, such as birthdays, weddings and other celebrations, where it's almost expected to have cake. On such occasions, check out what is available in terms of sugar free cake.

Bakeries all over the place have many sugar free options. I have several friends who had cake with no sugar on their wedding day. Let me tell you, I couldn't taste the difference. Some were sweetened with sugar substitutes and some with natural fruit juices. For those who are very health conscious, not just weight conscious, I would suggest fruit juices. They are natural, whereas sugar substitutes have gone through chemical processes.

If you are a baker, you will find it very easy to transition from regular cake to sugar free. You just change a few ingredients. You can also experiment until you find which recipes taste the best. Once you have a basic recipe for cake that is sugar free, you can make all kinds of cakes by making small variations. It's very nice to have such a healthy and delicious tool at your disposal.

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