Sugar Free Diets

Written by Liza Hartung
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More and more people are opting for sugar free diets. This is because more and more health and weight issues are being linked to sugar. There really are no redeeming qualities about sugar. Some may say the taste, but you can find healthy foods that taste great as well. Some people claim that they could never give up sugar. Why is this? I venture to say that it is because they are addicted, at some level or another, to sugar.

Some addictions may not seem that damaging. There are people who can have cookies and cake when they feel like it, and pass on the offer at other times. However, they are not likely to give it up forever. Other people are so addicted to sugar that is it ruining their lives. It is a debilitating problem. People will sit at home with their windows drawn, doors closed, and TV on as they chow on sugar products.

Starting Sugar Free Diets

If you are looking for motivation to start one of the many sugar free diets out there, read Sugar Blues. This wonderfully informative book by William Dufty can be a little scary. It's unsettling to find out that sugar has the same effect on your brain as heroine, only on a smaller scale. In addition, most of the great ancient empires, such as the Roman Empire, fell after the sugar trade was introduced.

If sugar can cause the fall of the most powerful empire in ancient history, think of what it can do to your body. Sugar free diets should be a way of life. You shouldn't think of them as something to do until you lose a desired amount of weight. Get out of the addictive cycle of sugar. In most towns across the United States, you can find support groups that will help you if you find you life is debilitated by sugar.

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