Walden Farms

Written by Kevin Little
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Walden Farms is one of growing number of food companies that are really keeping pace with the times. With everyone and their neighbor now trying a low carb diet, there has arisen a pronounced need for foods that are low in carbs that mimic the foods we all used to eat. Luckily, there is a great range of such foods now available.

Walden Farms comes up big in the condiment department. Salads are great for any diet, but what are you going to top them with? Most traditional dressings contain too much sugar to meet the requirements of most diets.

Walden Farms: Salad and Pasta

But you can now find a dressing that fits into your new meal regimen. Sugar free, great-tasting dressing is now within reach with new companies making great new products. And it doesn't stop with salad.

Pasta, the bane of the low carb dieter, is now available in a reduced carb format. But you still need to dress it with something--marinara or alfredo sauce, maybe? Low carb versions of these and other great foods are now there for the taking.

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