What Is Ketone

Written by Kevin Little
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What is ketone-based dietary theory all about? Well, for one thing, it's about losing weight easily, without starving yourself or even feeling hungry. Sounds nearly impossible, doesn't it?

Well, thanks to the latest dietary research, such a goal is no longer out of reach. It seems that older diets, that emphasized low fat and high carbs, actually had it backwards. Such diets led to people putting on more weight while feeling hungrier all the time.

What Is Ketone Release?

This is where those ketones come in. An integral part of low carb diets, ketone release is the body's sign that fat is being burned for energy in the absence of sufficient carbohydrates. And that fat is coming from your midsection, leaving you thinner as a result.

If you have more "what is ketone" questions, you'd be well-served by looking into the latest information about low carb living. A little reading could lead down the path of less extra weight and less unnecessary hunger. The answers to a few little questions can lead to a big change in lifestyle.

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