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Advance For Occupational Therapists

Written by Amy Hall
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Advance for Occupational Therapists Is A News Resource

Advance for occupational therapists is a news magazize that lists companies that sell goods and services related to the field of occupational therapy. Once you subscribe, you can receive detailed information about companies, as well as submit requests for free information. Advance is a bi-weekly newsmagazine, serving 60,000 occupational therapy personnel nationwide.

Advance magazine remains committed to securing the future of occupational therapy by preserving the record of its unique contribution to allied health, educating others to understand that contribution, and helping therapists enhance their impact on the health care industry. Advance for occupational therapists is filled with cutting-edge stories on the newest treatment arenas, protocols and products, therapy equipment and modalities as well as regular columns by highly respected leaders in the field. Advance has a reputation for fair, honest reporting and open debate of critical issues that have made them a popular magazine among health care professionals.

Subscribe Free of Charge

If you are an occupational therapist, you can subscribe to Advance free of charge. You will read intersting articles about new therapies for head injuries, accidents, cancers, lymphedema, and more. If you want to know all about the latest and greatest treatments out there, subscribe to Advance today.

Advance magazine also has job search resources, information on continuing education for occupational therapists, and job listings with Advance magazine itself. You would really be doing yourself a big favor by subscribing, as each issue is jam-packed with important and interesting info. Don't waste another moment, get your subscription today.

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