Cellulitis Treatments

Written by Zachary Zerries
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Cellulitis treatments are quite particular and require a doctor's involvement since the condition is caused by some sort of bacterial infection. In other words, simply rubbing some Neosporin onto the affected area isn't going to do the trick. Cellulitis demands a more specialized cure, though there are some basic things you can do to relieve the more uncomfortable symptoms.

Recommended Cellulitis Treatments

The most common and basic cellulitis treatments involve antibiotics. As the staph bacteria is the most frequent cause of cellulitis, antibiotics derived from penicillin are most often prescribed. However, if culture tests reveal that another bacteria is to blame (i.e. Hemophilus influenzae, Pasturella multocida, or Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae) then a different antibiotic may be prescribed.

Sometimes the cellulitis may not respond to the antibiotics and another means of treatment must be devised. More often than not, such cases will be advised to use a corticosteroid. In more extreme cases, oral anti-fungals might be used as cellulitis treatments.

Though the infection will most likely require some kind of prescription in order to be effectively cleared up, there are things the afflicted individual can do to relieve certain symptoms. For instance, if there is painful swelling involved, you can elevate the affected area. Sometimes applying hot or cold compresses to the affected area and immobilizing it can also provide temporary relief.

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