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Compression Materials For Lymphedema Therapists

Written by Amy Hall
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Compression Materials for Lymphedema Therapists and Their Patients

Compression materials for lymphedema therapists are a very integral part of the therapy process. Therapists who treat patients with lymphedema understand the important role compression garments play in reducing swelling of affected limbs, and returning mobility and quality of life back to a patient. Understandably, because compression garments are so necessary for proper treatment, therapists must be well-trained in measuring patients for such garments and bandages.

Any health care provider who specializes in the treatment of lymphedema, will tell you that for optimal results, the patient needs to undergo physical and/or occupational therapy, massage therapy, and wear compression garments for sustained and improved results. Therapists can perform Complete Decongestive Therapy and Manual Lymph Drainage all they want, but if the patient is not wearing compression garments, all that therapy is performed in vain. Compression garments put pressure on the lymph nodes, which in turn stimulates the flow of lymph in the body.

When the lymph is free-flowing, it does not pool in certain areas, causing swelling and pain, which is where compression garments come into play. They are the tools that allow the lymph nodes to do their job more effectively. Without such garments, temporary relief is felt after treatments, but swelling and pain build up again shortly after, causing the patient much discomfort and very limited mobility.

Following Your Therapist's Advice

Ask about compression materials for lymphedema therapists the next time you meet for a treatment session. More than likely, your therapist already brought up the subject at your first meeting, and has measured you for the proper fit. But if your therapist has not, ask about it today or get a second opinion. It's your health and quality of life that is at stake, so ask your health care professional today.

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