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Compression Stockings For Lymphedema

Written by Amy Hall
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Caring for Your Legs with Compression Stockings for Lymphedema

Compression stockings for lymphedema help to reduce swelling and return the affected limb to normal size. Patients with lymphedema who wear compression garments will find that they are able to regain mobility of the affected leg, and that the pain and discomfort associated with the swelling is greatly diminished. Compression sleeves, stockings, and bandages are part of a total treatment plan that consists of occupational and/or physical therapy, specialized manual therapy, skin care, and exercise.

Unfortunately, lymphedema is a chronic condition that can not be cured. However, it can be managed and patients can go on to live "normal" lives if they follow the prescribed treatment plan. Obtaining the right treatment is pivotal in a patient's life, because it can make the difference between just getting by or living well.

Compression stockings for lymphedema are a necessity for those that suffer from swollen legs and ankles. These stockings are made to boost blood circulation in the legs, as well as promote the free-flow of lymph. This means that blood and lymph do not pool in certain areas of the leg which can cause painful swelling and discomfort.

Attractive Stockings for the Fashion-Savvy

Fortunately for you fashion-savvy people out there who also have to deal with the pesky problem of lymphedema, stockings come in a huge variety of styles, colors, and sizes. You can actually wear compression stockings with a cocktail dress and nobody would know the difference! So go online today and check out the enormous selection of compression stockings and put your swollen leg-issues to rest.

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And where are these fashionable leg garments with sufficient compression? I've never seen hem.