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Continuing Education For Rn

Written by Amy Hall
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The Benefits of Continuing Education for RN

Continuing education for RN is essential for the successful treatment of lymphedema. Nurses are almost always the backbone of any health care facility, as they spend the most time with patients on a daily basis. Any one who has ever been to the doctor knows that the nurse is the first person you see, and often the last person you see before leaving.

Nurses help to educate a patient on caring for wounds, proper hygiene, and basic overall care for a specific condition once the patient goes home. The doctor almost never does this himself, and is only with the patient briefly to discuss the problem at hand or to do a physical examination. Once this is accomplished, the nurse usually takes over and explains the course of treatment to the patient.

For this reason, the continuing education for RN is of the utmost importance. Nurses often become certified to perform Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy. They are able to better help lymphedema patients because of their continued education, as well as their years in the medical field.

Working with Your Nurse to Manage Lymphedema

Consider yourself lucky if your nurse at your physician's office is trained to treat lymphedema. This means that you probably can receive all your medical care in one place, and know that you are getting the best treatment available. Nurses truly are the backbone of the health care field, and their professionalism and outstanding care have helped many lymphedema patients live highly productive lives.

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