Written by Zachary Zerries
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"Foeldi" is a name that might appear often in your search for lymphedema information and with good reason. Dr. Michael Foeldi is a worldwide renowned expert in the field of lymphedema. In addition to researching the many aspects of this condition, Dr. Foeldi is also one of the pioneers of modern day treatment.

Some Basic Information on Dr. Foeldi

Dr. Micheal Foeldi and his wife, Dr. Ethel Foeldi, were not the first to work with lymphedema. Dr. Foeldi was himself trained by the estimable Dr. Vodder at his clinic in Germany. Like Dr. Vodder himself, Dr. Foeldi became quite determined to treat this unfortunate condition in the most non-invasive and effective way possible.

Having done extensive research into the condition of lymphedema and its treatments, Dr. Foeldi decided to try something new. By expanding on the methods practiced by Dr. Vodder, Dr. Foeldi created what he called Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). Complete Decongestive Therapy made use of the manual lymph drainage techniques developed by Dr. Vodder, but added other important treatments, like remedial exercise and using compression garments, to the recovery process.

As Dr. Foeldi was the first to develop these new treatment strategies, they have been named after him. The schools that follow his strategies when teaching lymphedema therapy will often advertise themselves as followers of the Foeldi method. If you get a therapist trained in the Foeldi method, you can bet that they know what they're doing.

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