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Juzo Hostess

Written by Amy Hall
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The Juzo Hostess Line

Juzo hostess is a line of compression stockings that help promote blood circulation and lymph flow in the legs. Whether you suffer from lymphedema or venous insufficiency, or you just want added support for your tired legs, Juzo stockings are the answer. Many people who stand or sit all day at work wear these stockings because they reduce fatigue and pain in the legs that can happen as a result.

The best thing about Juzo hostess stockings is that they come in fashionable colors, textures, and styles that every one loves. Juzo stockings can be so sheer and sexy that you can actually wear them with a cocktail dress! Only you will know that you are wearing medical compression stockings; the rest of the world will just think that you are super chic with your sheer, sexy stockings!

Product Features

Juzo makes their products of compression garments both comfortable and fashionable. The stockings are synthetic elastomers covered with high quality textile threads that provide maximum breathability, softness, and ease of application. The pantyhose features an elastic upper panty part with an elegant top border.

Thigh Hi's include an attractive silicone lace border to prevent the stocking from slipping down your leg. Knee Hi's offer a non-constrictive border that will not bind below the knee and pinch your skin. All stocking styles have excellent two-way stretch elasticity, and elastic heel and toe portions to provide optimal fit and comfort.

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