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Lana Certification

Written by Amy Hall
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LANA Certification--The Gold Standard

LANA certification is one of the most prestigious lymphatic studies certifications a health care professional can obtain. LANA stands for The Lymphology Association of North America, and it is a non-profit corporation composed of physicians, nurses, massage therapists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists experienced in the field of lymphology and lymphedema. LANA has recognized the need for a national certification examination for lymphedema therapists, to test knowledge that is considered essential for the proper treatment of lymphedema.

The LANA board has started a fund-raising campaign to serve this need. The fund money goes towards developing and administering the certification examination for health care professionals. The estimated cost of exam development and initial administration by a professional testing organization is approximately $100,000. LANA board members have themselves made substantial contributions to this project and are asking patients, therapists, manufacturers of lymphedema products, and all those who will benefit from a national certification examination, for financial support.

Finding LANA Online

If you are a patient looking to find a therpist with LANA certification, you don't have to look any further than your computer. You can do a search using a search engine, such as Google. Simply type in the word "LANA", and all sites that have information regarding this organization will pop up, and you can browse through them to locate a therapist in your area.

If you are a health care professional, and are looking to take the LANA exam, you can do a search the same way as described above. There are many schools nationwide that match or exceed LANA requirements. These training schools last anywhere from one to four weeks, and at the completion of your course study, you can take the LANA examination to become certified.

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