Lana Certification

Written by Diane Sievert
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LANA certification is necessary for anyone who plans on legally treating individuals afflicted with lymphedema. LANA, the Lymphology Association of Northern America, was organized in order to further research into effective treatment of this dehabilitating condition. Certification from LANA represents the most comprehensive understanding of this condition and up-to-the-date knowledge of how to treat it.

How to Get LANA Certification

The first things you must do are find and enroll in a professional school that teaches the necessary courses for LANA certification. As new lymphedema treatments have only recently begun to be recognized by the American medical world, you may have a hard time finding programs in your area. If you're unable to find a close-by program, you can always contact LANA directly for a recommendation.

Once you're enrolled, it's your responsibility to pay close attention and pass the required courses. However, in addition to passing grades, you must also accumulate a particular number of certification hours in which you amass experience putting your knowledge into practice. Most programs require 90 hours of guided practice and another year of documented experience.

When you have completed the LANA certification program, you must then pass the certification exam and apply for the actual certificate. Some schools will take care of this process for you while other expect you to deal with the administrative areas of certification. However, be aware that you are not able to market your skills as a therapist until you've actually been awarded the certificate.

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