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Lana Endorsement

Written by Amy Hall
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The Important LANA Endorsement

LANA endorsement is coveted by any therapist who treats patients with lymphatic disorders, including lymphedema. LANA stands for the Lymphology Association of North America, and it is a non-profit organization composed of health care professionals, such as physicians, nurses, massage therapists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists trained in the field of lymphatic studies. LANA was created because the health care professionals who make up the board realized the need for a national certification examination that would set the standard for lymphatic studies and treatment.

Any health care professional who is interested in taking the LANA certification examination, needs to complete a course of study from an accredited school. Many schools around the country and abroad offer programs that meet or exceed the LANA criteria for excellence. Usually programs run from one to four weeks, which upon completion the student is eligible to take the LANA examination to become certified.

What Is Covered in A Study Program?

Therapists who receive this certification deserve the LANA endorsement. This is the most comprehensive lymphology examination offered and it is highly regarded in the field of lymphatic studies. The exam consists of both a physical and a written examination.

Students are required to know the anatomy of the circulation system, physiology, congenital and acquired disorders of lymph circulation, evaluation and treatment of lymphedema patients, and how to best manage lymphatic conditions. In order to pass such an exam, many hours of study and class time are necessary. However, once a student passes this examination, they are better able to treat patients who suffer from lymphedema and other related conditions.

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