Lymphatic Massage

Written by Zachary Zerries
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Lymphatic massage is probably the single most effective means of helping those are suffering from lymphedema. Though it should be followed up with other kinds of lymphedema treatments, lymphatic massage (also known as manual lymph drainage) is the first step to recovery. It should also be a part of lymphedema management.

Why Is Lymphatic Massage So Important?

If your lymph nodes are malfunctioning and your limbs are excessively swollen, simply elevating the limb in question isn't going to do much. Neither is icing it or wrapping it tightly. If excess protein from lymph fluid has accumulated in a particular body area, the only way to get rid of it is through lymphatic massage.

A trained lymphedema therapist knows where the lymph nodes and lymph vessels are. He or she should also be able to pinpoint where the majority of the protein has accumulated. Through massage, the therapist will redirect the excess fluid to properly functioning lymph nodes so that it can be filtered and disposed of.

As stated above, lymphatic massage can do wonders for a person suffering from lymphedema, but it's not enough on its own. Once the massage is over, the affected area must be tightly bandaged so that the drained fluid doesn't have the space to return. It's also important for afflicted individuals to learn and practice remedial exercises at home on a daily basis.

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