Lymphedema Certification Courses

Written by Zachary Zerries
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Lymphedema certification courses are a required step in the process of receiving official certification from the Lymphology Association of North America. Though there is no law forbidding it, practicing lymphedema treatment without certification is a risky move. Make the smart decision and enroll in lymphedema certification courses so you can market your skills as an officially certified therapist.

Where to Find Lymphedema Certification Courses

If you've decided that becoming a lymphedema therapist is the right decision for you, you're next step is enrolling in the proper lymphedema certification courses. Locating a professional school that offers these courses, however, is easier said than done. Lymphedema is still neglected by many in the medical profession, especially in the United States; in fact, the first official training center did not open in this country until the mid nineties.

All that having been said, today there are lymphedema certification courses offered all around the country. If you're ready to enroll, your best bet is looking online. Doing a simple search for lymphedema certification courses should return more than just a few results.

If after having looked online, you find there are no classes offered in your area, you may consider a home-study or online course. More and more professional schools are recognizing the need for such courses as they are by far the most convenient. Keep in mind, however, that taking courses is only the beginning; you must also clock 90 hours of guided practice and a year of documented experience before LANA will let you take the qualifying examination.

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