Lymphedema Compression Sleeves

Written by Zachary Zerries
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Buying lymphedema compression sleeves can be a rather complicated process. There are many factors that must be considered before you choose a compression garment, and even after you've determined what pressure, size and material to get, you are still going to find a multitude of brands that suit your needs. If you end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, try referring to the following guide as it should make the process of buying lymphedema sleeves a little less painful.

How to Choose Lymphedema Compression Sleeves

First and foremost, you must follow all your therapist's orders and make sure you get a compression garment that is in compliance with his or her instructions. Lymphedema compression sleeves come in many different shapes, sizes and pressures, so you want to make sure you get one that fits properly and supplies the right amount of pressure. Your therapist should also be able to tell you what kind of attachment mechanism you need: some lymphedema compression sleeves are simply meant to be shimmied on while others have zippers and the like.

Once those factors have been considered, you can turn your attention to the material of the piece. Unless you have an allergy to a specific material, you should take a look at all your options to see what feels the most comfortable; this is an important time to take your local climate into consideration for if you live in a humid area, you'll want a compression sleeve made of a material that breathes. You will also want to look at the laundering instructions and see if the compression garment comes with a warranty.

Where to Find Lymphedema Compression Sleeves

More and more drugstores are carrying the most basic types of lymphedema compression sleeves, but often times they don't have the best selection. You can talk to the manager about ordering a specific piece or you can go to a specialty shop in your area. Searching the Internet is yet another option; many manufacturers have their own websites so you can order yours directly.

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