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Lymphedema Of The Scrotum

Written by Amy Hall
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Managing Lymphedema of the Scrotum

Lymphedema of the scrotum can happen as a result of surgery performed on the lower part of the body for the treatment of cancer. When lymph nodes are removed, it can become difficult for the tube-like lymph vessels to move lymph throughout the body. It can then become stagnant and pool in certain areas, causing the lower or upper legs to swell and become uncomfortable.

This is called lymphedema of the legs. In some cases, the lymphedema moves up into the genital region, causing inflammation and swelling of the penis or scrotum. This is obviously both physically and mentally uncomfortable and challenging for the patient suffering from it.

Getting the Proper Treatment

Anyone suffering from lymphedema of the scrotum could benefit from Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy. These therapies involve massage that is made up of light, sweeping strokes that are relaxing to the patient. This type of massage stimulates the lymph glands and vessels to move lymph through the body, thus reducing pooling and swelling in certain areas.

Therapists treating patients suffering from scrotal lymphedema need to be sensitive to the patient's feelings and concerns. Lymphedema patients are taught how to keep their skin clean and dry in order to prevent infection. They are also to keep their penis and scrotum elevated at night if they are suffering from this type of genital lymphedema.

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