Lymphedema Therapists

Written by Zachary Zerries
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Lymphedema therapists are few and far between but their numbers are quickly growing. Though lymphedema is still commonly neglected, more and more health care professionals and afflicted individuals are starting to recognize the condition and seek proper treatment. As a result, the demand for lymphedema therapists is rapidly increasing.

How to Find Lymphedema Therapists

If you've just been diagnosed with lymphedema and are now searching for a reputable therapist, you might find the quest to be rather difficult. Physical therapists and the like abound, but certified lymphedema therapists are harder to locate. Simply asking your regular doctor or insurance company for a referral may not yield results.

The single best resource for finding certified lymphedema therapists is the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA). LANA is the officially recognized board in charge of certification and they keep lists of those individuals who have passed the certification exam; for example, their website features an extensive list, organized by state, of certified lymphedema therapists. The information included therein is rather brief, but it's a good place to start.

Whatever you do, don't cut corners and get treatment from a therapist that isn't certified. Lymphedema is a complex condition and improper treatment could do more harm than good; even if improper treatment doesn't cause damage, it may not address the problem and neglected lymphedema can become quite serious. It is therefore imperative that you insist on seeing a therapist's certification before you begin treatment.

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