Lymphedema Training

Written by Diane Sievert
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Lymphedema training is required for anyone who plans on treating individuals with this condition. Failure to follow proper procedure during treatment could cause serious harm to the patient and result in a lawsuit. If you'll be performing lymphedema therapies, make sure you're covered by receiving certified lymphedema training.

A Guide to Lymphedema Training

The number of schools currently offering official lymphedema training is quite small as this condition and its treatment is often neglected. Though there have been advancements in the past decade, proper lymphedema training is still a relatively new idea. That having been said, lymphedema training can be achieved as more and more professional schools are beginning to recognize the need for certified therapists.

Lymphedema training generally requires a specified number of courses and a certain number of guided practice hours. The courses will address numerous issues: some will review the condition itself and its many causes and manifestations while others will focus on different types of treatment. Passing status is generally required for each class in order to get official certification.

Once the classes have been passed, you must complete a specific number of practice hours. These practical lab work hours are meant to be performed under the guidance of a licensed and knowledgeable lymphedema therapist. Once these hours have been completed, you are then expected to spend one year working in direct patient care prior to taking the LANA examination.

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