Lymphology Association Of North America

Written by Zachary Zerries
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The Lymphology Association of North America is an organization dedicated to researching, treating and preventing this unfortunate affliction. Founded in the last decade, LANA is the North American equivalent of similar organizations in Europe and other nations. If you've recently been diagnosed with this condition or you are a health care professional interested in becoming a licensed therapist, contacting the Lymphology Association of North America should be your first move.

Information on the Lymphology Association of North America

The Lymphology Association of North America has many goals, but its most important goal is to establish a nationally recognized certification program. There is no law preventing people from treating lymphedema without LANA certification. By creating and requiring an examination for certification, LANA hopes to regulate the unauthorized treatment of lymphedema as improper treatment can lead to serious complications.

Another important function of the Lymphology Association of North America is its dedication to lymphedema awareness. Lymphedema is often misdiagnosed by doctors and neglected by insurance companies. A commitment to educating those suffering and those in the medical profession about this condition is at the top of the LANA to-do list.

In addition to promoting awareness of this condition, LANA also encourages modern research into its causes, effects and treatments. LANA board officials are expected to stay up-to-date on the newest developments and incorporate these changes into the certification exam. In addition to updating the exam, their reading list for patient and caregivers is also consistently revised to reflect any advancements in lymphedema knowledge.

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