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Scrotal Lymphedema

Written by Amy Hall
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Scrotal Lymphedema Causes and Treatments

Scrotal lymphedema can be the result of lymphedema of the leg that moves up into the genital region, causing swelling and discomfort. If the patient underwent any surgery on the lower half of the body, such as cancer surgery where the lymph nodes were removed, lymphedema can result. Whenever lymph nodes are removed, the lymphatic system is greatly compromised, and lymph fluid can become stagnant, which causes swelling in the affected extremity.

It is very important that the patient's doctor and/or therapist treat the patient with the utmost sensitivity to this condition. Not only is the lymphedema bad enough, but having genital lymphedema can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for the patient. Therefore, it is necessary to be discreet and empathetic when addressing this issue with the patient.

Getting Relief

As with lymphedema of the leg or arm, scrotal lymphedema can benefit from Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy treatments. This involves massaging the lymph nodes and affected body parts with light, sweeping strokes. When this is done, lymph is stimulated to flow to the nearest "competent" lymph nodes which filter and drain the lymph and keep it moving throughout the body.

These treatments are usually followed up with compression therapy, using bandages and/or compression garments. Therapists should also teach the patient proper skin and nail care in order to avoid infection. Finally, patients should be taught about remedial exercises that might help, as well as proper nutrition.

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Scrotal edema

I just had a penile implant on Tuesday (4-9).
The next day I woke up with severe scrotal edema the size of a grapefruit.
I emailed the surgeon's asst. and she said not to worry, as grapefruit size edema happens and is not uncommom.
I was not prepared for this. I was told just to use ice packs daily and just wait 6-8 weeks.
I was not satisfied and demanded to see the surgeon. I saw hgim and he said it was fine. Use ice and wait.
Since then I have read a lot about lymphedema. As a Registered Nurse, I have helped treat a lot of this over the years, and lymphatic drainage and massage works. I used to work with women with post=op mastectomies and used compression and massage and postural drainage on their arm. It worked.
Please tell me more about this as applied to scrotal edema. I elevated my hips of a large pillow, so my groin could drain, and at the same time I had my wife loosely wrap the scrotal area with an acewrap. I did this for 30 minutes. It felt great and I could actually feel the decompression. After my wife took the ace she did some lymphatic massage on my scrotum and groin. I think this worked well.
Do you have any information about this to help me. Can a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) do this?
Please let me know.
Gary Cummings, RN,MS