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Treatment For Genital Lymphedema

Written by Amy Hall
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Getting Relief with Treatment for Genital Lymphedema

Treatment for genital lymphedema is similar to treatment for upper extremity lyphedema or for lymphedema of the legs. Unfortunately, genital lymphedema is not only physically uncomfortable, but it is also emotionally and mentally challenging for the patient. For these reasons, health care providers need to demonstrate the utmost sensitivity to the patient suffering from this particular form of lymphedema.

Lymphedema can be primiary or secondary in nature. If it is primary, the person usually has some malformation within the lymphatic system, usually of the lymph vessels themselves. If the cause is secondary, lymphedema is usually brought on by surgery, trauma, or some other stress to the body that adversely affected the lymph nodes or lymph vessels from functioning properly.

Finding A Solution that Works

The best treatment for genital lymphedema seems to be Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy. MLD is a massage therapy that works to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid and drain the stagnant lymph that is pooling in certain areas. This is a relaxing treatment that effectively reduces swelling and discomfort.

Patients will also be required to wear compression garments to further keep the swelling down and return the affected area to normal or near-normal size. The patient may also be advised to sleep at night with the pelvis elevated, to help drain the lymph even more. Finally, guidelines on proper skin and nail care and diet will be recommended to further manage this condition.

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