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Treatment For Pediatric Lymphedema

Written by Amy Hall
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Helping Children with LymphedemaTreatment for pediatric lymphedema is the same type of treatment for other forms of lymphedema. Whatever type of lymphedema the patient has, either primary or secondary lymphedema, the course of action to treat this condition is basically the same. Pediatric lymphedema can be caused by a birth defect within the lymphatic system, or it could be secondary in nature and caused by some outside factor, such as surgery or trauma that involves the lymph nodes and vessels.

Most health care professionals who treat lymphatic disorders would agree, the best way to manage lymphedema is with Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy. These techniques involve massage, the use of compression garments, nail and skin care, remedial exercises, as well as diet and nutrition advise. It is also generally agreed that when ever a child begins to show signs of lymphedema, an investigation into the matter should begin immediately to identify the cause if at all possible.

Effective Treatment for Pediatric Lymphedema

Most doctors want to investigate the origin of lymphedema in children in order to ward off any other serious complications. The treatment for pediatric lymphedema usually follows the same guidelines as the treatment for adults. However, sometimes other complications develop as a result that can complicate the course of therapy for these children.

However, in most cases, MLD and CDT work well on babies, children, and teenagers. All patients who suffer from this debilitating condition need proper physical and mental support from their therapist, doctor, and family and friends. This is a condition that not only effects people physically, but mentally as well. Therefore it is imperative that both aspects of the disease are recognized and treated.

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