Boston Corporate Massage

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Many successful companies in Boston offer corporate massages to their employees on a weekly basis. Boston corporate massage greatly reduces employee stress. It also improves employee morale. If you've noticed your employees grumbling discontentedly, if you've lost a lot of good employees during the past year, or if absenteeism is becoming a problem, corporate massage may be the answer.

Weekly Boston Corporate Massage

I have worked in plenty of offices where we were treated to weekly or bi-weekly lunches. Our bosses would order in a big feast of Thai food every Friday for all the employees on my floor. At first, it made us feel appreciated, grateful, and even proud of where we worked. It really doesn't take a whole lot to make employees feel valued.

This feeling only lasted for a few weeks. Although the food tasted delicious, it was salty and fatty. Most of us ended up feeling lousy by the time we were done eating. We all counted the hours until quitting time. We didn't get much work done during the hours after our big Thai feast. I imagine this weekly treat cost the company a lot of money, but it also cost them a lot of work hours.

Massage, on the other hand, never gets old. Most people would be delighted to get a massage every single day if they could. It costs about the same as a big meal for a group of employees, but it gives them so much more. Employees are better able to focus and concentrate. They are calmer, more communicative, and harder working after a massage.

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