Boston Massage Therapy

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Boston massage therapy has really hit its stride in the last few years. As more people turn to alternative medicine for their health treatments, more people are becoming aware of the benefits of massage. Massage therapy is incredibly beneficial to many systems in the body, and to overall health and wellness.

For instance, therapies such as deep tissue massage, foot reflexology, or sports massage can help improve circulation and digestion. Massage recipients sleep better at night. They breathe more deeply, leading to increased levels of oxygen. If you know anything about health, you know that oxygen is a powerful panacea. The more oxygen pumping through your bloodstream, the better.

Massage increases flexibility of muscles and range of motion in joints. Chronic pain and disease are palliated. Massage can help the chronic pain of migraines, T.M.J., arthritis, lupus, asthma and so on. It can help ease the pain of certain painful medical treatments, as well. Most importantly, massage therapy helps relieve stress.

Boston Massage Therapy and Stress

Any doctor will tell you that stress and tension wreak havoc on the body. Stress can increase your blood pressure and restrict circulation. It can lead to poor digestion and insomnia. Stress can trigger headaches and spasms. Tension slows healing. It can cripple your immune system, leading to more colds and flus.

In my opinion, one of the worst things stress does is makes us feel like our bodies are our enemies. So many people have antagonistic or at the very least ambivalent relationships with their own bodies. You can see it in the way people hold themselves with terrible posture, or in the way people addictively eat fatty, salty fast foods. So many people try to smoke, eat, or drink their discomfort and pain away. Of course, these behaviors only lead to more pain.

Boston Massage Therapy and a Change for the Better

Let this year be the year you take your health into your own hands and make friends with your body again! For you, that might mean quitting smoking. Maybe you need to drop 40 pounds. Maybe you want to start exercising again or stretching or you want to cut out the diet sodas and increase the intake of water.

Boston massage therapy can help you achieve these goals. Let's start with smoking. Many people believe that smoking, like overeating, is a way of stuffing down and controlling emotions. A friend of mine who quit smoking a few years back said that by smoking cigarettes, she was literally creating a smoke screen between herself and her fear, anger, and sadness. So many people start overeating the moment they quit smoking. Personally, I don't believe this is due to any oral fixation--I think it's just another way of taming emotion.

Massage therapy helps release emotion. Unlike unhealthy practices, which succeed only in temporarily burying emotion, massage can truly release it. Since emotions are physical, releasing them through massage can be very powerful.

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