Corporate Massage

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Corporate massage is one of the greatest perks a boss could ever offer his employees. Companies hire massage therapists to come to their offices with their specially designed massage chairs. Each employee is given about 15 minutes to enjoy a chair massage.

These massages are performed without massage oils, and with all clothes left on. An employee may choose to loosen or remove his necktie, but shirts, sweaters, dresses and the like stay on. The massage therapist works on the employee's neck, arms, shoulders and upper back. Employees are left refreshed, revitalized, and extremely grateful.

Corporate Massage as a Bonus

Some companies offer massages as a weekly event. If you are suffering from absenteeism on certain days, make these the massage days. If you're tired of no one showing up to the office until after 11 on Fridays, schedule regular massages at 10! Although regular massages are wonderful, many companies offer massages as bonuses.

Employees who are divided into teams to compete at a specific task can be rewarded with massages. I guarantee that a 15 minute, in-office massage will motivate your sales department a whole lot more than a gift certificate to a restaurant will! Massages can motivate your staff to new heights.

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