Deep Tissue Massage

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Deep tissue massage makes a wonderful gift, for yourself or others. This year, deep tissue massage can be your staple gift to friends and family. Each year, I like sticking with one gift for as many people in my life as possible. Rather than buy a sweater for this person and a book for that, I try to buy one gift in bulk.

I cannot tell you how much stress is avoided by shopping in this manner. I buy one base gift, then personalize it by buying little gifts to add to it. For instance, I might buy deep tissue massage gift certificates for my mom and dad, my boyfriend, my brother, and my best friend. Then I can personalize the gift with a music cd, a gag gift, a scarf, or some other small item.

Deep Tissue Massage for Yourself

As long as I'm buying all these massages for other people, I treat myself to a massage as well. The holiday season can be really stressful and hectic. Add holiday parties and flu season into the mix, and you've got a recipe for disaster. Heavy foods, alcohol, lack of sleep, stress, and illness can leave me feeling completely wiped out.

One good massage can change all that. Sometimes I even treat myself to an hour of deep tissue, and a half hour of reflexology. I feel revitalized, rewarded, and ready to shop again. I find that massage puts a little more joy into what is supposed to be, but so often is not, a joyous season.

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