Deep Tissue Massage

Written by Jen Nichol
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Deep tissue massage feels dramatically different from the more traditional Swedish-style massage. Where Swedish massage works gently, firmly, to clean the body of toxins and provide muscular relief, deep tissue massage works at a much deeper level. Instead of staying on the dermis and within the top layers of the musculature, deep tissue therapy works at the level of the fascia.

Fascia is the membrane which gives our body its shape. Fascia holds everything in place, but it can work against us when we stress our bodies or hold ourselves rigidly. Deep, slow massage works to release our compromised postures, and allows for muscular release at a deep level.

Deep Tissue Massage Is Serious Work

Many clients ask for deep tissue massage without quite knowing what it is. In many cases, they are simply requesting a deep, firm massage, rather than a true deep tissue massage. It's important to explain the differences to them, and to let them know that if they are looking for relaxation, rather than very challenging "work," then what they really want is simply a firm Swedish or sports-style massage.

Clients who are committed to re-educating their bodies, and building stronger, more vibrant health are a joy to work on. Massage therapists can see real changes with people who are committed to massage. These clients will be your best advertisements, as they tell people far and wide of the benefits of massage.

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