Written by Liza Hartung
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When you are looking for a good quality line of massage equipment, try Earthgear. They specialize in all kinds of products for massage, and have great discount packages when you buy in bulk. Personally, I like to stick with one brand when I know it works. It makes ordering easier when you need to restock. Plus, you can be confident that if you've tried one or two products that work for you, any others you may want to order will probably be just as good.

Earthgear has everything a massage therapist could want. Whether you are just beginning as a student, have been giving massages for years, or are just taking it up as a hobby, this company can meet your needs. Obviously, one of the first purchases you will want to make is a massage table. This company has tables that are great for beginners or someone with a tight budget. For more advanced therapists, you can get a table that is flexible and good for pregnant women or overweight people.

Earthgear Knows Massage

Let's say you have all the basics and they are all from this company. You have a table, a face rest, a stool, comfortable sheets, and wonderful-smelling oils. Now let's say all of your clients are happy and comfortable, but you know there's something more out there. Well, you're right. What about a bolster to keep your client's knees slightly bent? Another great idea is having a holster to hold your oils for easy access. Once you've used one, you'll never go back.

Earthgear is a great place for one-stop massage shopping. You can get everything you will ever need all at once, or you can pile on as you go. They keep up on the latest massage needs and technology. They are there for you as a therapist, and they have your clients' needs in mind.

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